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  • Arro bullet pointNo credit history.
  • Arro bullet pointNo security deposit.
  • Arro bullet pointNo hit to your credit score when applying.
  • Arro bullet pointInstant access to credit limit increases.
  • Arro bullet pointFree FICO Score tracker.
  • Arro bullet pointGamified financial education tools.
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    Earn more credit instantly via in-app activities.

  • Starting APR


    Lower your interest rate and boost your score the more you use the app.

  • Membership Fees

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    Join early and pay only $1 per month to change your credit for good.

Financial wellness is a mindset.

Arro is the only credit-builder that pairs fair access with financial literacy, so the growth sticks.

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    Steady Growth

    Short-term fixes are non-starters. We give you a sustainable path to steady credit-building.

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    Manageable Limits

    Grow at your own pace without worrying about overspending.

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    Money Life Hacks

    We give you actionable insights that can save you time and money every single day.

Your financial journey tailored to you.

The science checks out. Gamified learning sticks.

Our $1 early membership fee gives you unlimited access to:

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    The Arro Credit Card

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    Instant Credit Limit Growth

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    Personal Finance Activities

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    Secure Credit Reporting

As easy as tap to pay

Get access to physical and virtual Arro Cards to start using your credit line as soon as you're approved.

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